Brian Cho

Senior Developer

He is an entrepreneur, technician, and fashionista. He worked on his own venture before joining the team.He understands business strategy as well as the technical part. He loves new tech toys, and shares with the team. He has a B.A in Computer Science from Emory University, and joined our team during his M.A in Computer Science from University of Pennsylvania.

Jeong Hoon Bang

Market Researcher

He is a rising star at our Business Intelligence and Marketing team. JeongHoonis a fast learner, always wanting to learn more. Hewas the president of social venturesEnactus at Yonsei University before joining the team. He really loves Sundae, and Chinese food. He is still single.

Yeon Ju Ro


She is a programmer with an inquiring mind. She has many questions about many things in life and tries to solve them. She enjoys traveling and finding something new. She also likes to play instruments, especially playing cello. Her favorite food is sushi and chicken.

Jae Gyun Kim


He is a cool guy with an impeccable degree of handsomeness. On top of that, double majoring in Mathematical Sciences and Computer Science, he has a brilliant mind. In our team, Jae Gyun takes part as a developer, an energetic one if I may add, but he also contributes to the working environment as a sportsman and a music lover. He has a passion for snowboarding along with his interests in basketball and wakeboarding.

Hokwen Joung


Hello, I am a student studying computer science at KAIST. Perhaps introducing my personal interest will reflect my personality better than the technical skills. I love radio shows and am a fan of the Star Talk Radio Show. I am always fascinated by the sciences of facts which we may carelessly accept as societal axioms. Novels! Fantasy novels are my choice of reading and the works of Walter Moers is my favorite. Philosophy is also one of my biggest interests and I personally found interest in the works of Blaise Pascal. But above all, I am a gamer :)